Dove Hunting


When the white bass are not spawning, Hunt Argentina!

We will be organizing several trips in the near future. We can accompany your group or you can go on your own.  We can help you with your flight, paperwork, customs, immigration, security, flight connections, reservations for your hunt, etc.  We don't charge you for our services. 

Check out JJ Caceria website or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it The prices for the hunts are there.  You pay the same whether you use our services or not.   We went to hunt ducks and dove June 8 thru June 16, 2010.   We arrived late on our first day due to airline delays--we went straight to the fields where we were greeted by our bird boys and two other people there to take care of us.  After a great shoot we were taken to the lodge where we had excellent accommodations.  Our bedrooms were furnished with two 3/4 beds and a bathroom with shower.  The lodge is equipped with an open bar, or you can have cola, water, etc.  A full time chef takes care of your meals.  You are served on tables with fine china, crystal, and silver.  Appetizers are provided while your meal is being prepared.  The hunting is superb.  You will kill more birds in a day than you will kill in your lifetime in the US.  There are no limits.  The guns are excellent--Beretta 391 20 gauge.  The ammunition is very good; I only had one misfire in 4 days.  We are going back, come go with us.