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White Bass Season 2015




It is time to plan your white bass trip
Jane Gallenbach

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Prices for 2015:  2 people fishing  $325.00   3rd person  $75.00

Package:  2 people  $375.00    3rd person $100.00
--includes lodging, breakfast, sack lunch, cleaning fish, guided trip




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Winning stringer:  158.69 lbs.                    2nd place:    140.03 lbs   and biggest blue cat 35.76 lbs

Bobby Sallee, Kent Little, Travis Jenkin                                                   Jimmy, Jesse, & Colton Reeves    


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Biggest Op:  39.28 lbs  Team Larry Hurst,            Ashley Little, ?, Jay Inerarity                     Randy Higginbotham         

Randy Higginbotham, & Joe Hurst                send name                                                                                





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1ST PLACE:  111.44lbs  and Big Fish 51.38 lb blue cat
Brandon Hudman, John & Trenton Allison, Aaron Weaver


alt     alt  

2nd Place:  103.89 lbs

Cameron, Ethan, Jonathan, & Henry Twomey
also pictured Crissy & Bookie



Big Op (Flathead) 27.63 lbs


alt  alt

Daniel Ayala, Antonio Guerra, Iseral Gibbs                    Clint Reeves    24.37 blue cat

 74.39 lbs total                                                         

alt  alt

Squeaky Works, Waylon Yount, Mark Atkerson,          Cain Swan & Jay Inerarity               
92.39 lbs total                                      96.63 lbs total



It has been a great white bass season this year.  We finished our guide trips for 2014 white bass

but left the fish biting.  If you did not get your trip in this year, we are booking for 2015.  We had

a crazy cold winter, fished hard, but all in all a great season.  Fish ran a little larger than last year.

Thanks for being our clients and look forward to fishing with you in 2015!!!!


gar hog
Trevor, Ashley, Steven Sallee
162 lb. gar
Nick Winter & Doug Gorter
Pipestone, MN
200 lb. hog

  alt    alt
Gary Detweiler from Lincoln, Nebraska 280 lb hog
alt Book your hunt today
Good eating hog  80 lbs





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