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White Bass Season 2016







It is time to plan your white bass trip
Jane Gallenbach

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Prices for 2016:  2 people fishing  $325.00   3rd person  $75.00

Package:  2 people  $375.00    3rd person $100.00
--includes lodging, breakfast, sack lunch, cleaning fish, guided trip



Tom and I with our first limits of the season

 We have finished our white bass guide season.  Despite the crazy water levels and floods,
this year was one of our best white bass seasons.  We are booking for next year.  We are
already almost half booked.  If you need certain dates or two boats on the same day, you
need to book soon.  Looking forward to next year and thanks for making it great!!!!!!
Tom will be doing some catfish trips in the next couple weeks if anyone would like to do
that.  Give us a call  903 407 0130   or  Toms cell  903 263 6271


For those looking at dates, these are all current 2016 white bass. 
camera date is wrong on some of them and I didnt notice.


alt                 alt

Mark Houghtlin & Will Giovengo                    Skipper & Cindy Dickson    
50 white bass plus yellows                      16 catfish & 9 white bass

alt                 alt

            Quinn, Bobby, Eddie, Jessica, Seth,                     James & Errol Miller                       
& Zane Twitty 92 whites, 28 yellows, 3 cats             50 whites   & yellows              


alt                    alt

  Richard Kouba & Tom Chilies                    Wayne Klemke & James Pekema
50 white bass per boat both days 40 yellows & some catfish


alt                   alt

Jessica & Jarrad Sinn, Andy Tenery                 Scott McGarrey & Jason Pardue
40 whites, 5 catfish, 40 yellows                    19 whites, 5 catfish, 3 yellows


alt                     alt

       Tommy Porter                                    Rhonda Glena & Guy Griffin
    25 catfish & 6 white bass                 18 white bass, 25 catfish, plus yellows

alt                      alt

Nelson, Ed, Bonie Klein                            Rob Porter & John Mego
75 white bass plus others                        50 white bass plus yellows


alt                 alt

Gene Hastings, Bob McClelland, Bob Saxon,        Eric, Peyton, Aiden, Scottie McMahon
Dick Smith  66 whites first day                    40 whites, plus crappie, catfish
second day 96 whites plus yellows                                                                  


alt                  alt

Danny Webb & Richard Boughal               Kristina Kouba & Mike Henderson
           50 white bass                               25 white bass, 3 yellows, 2 catfish


alt                 alt

Garrett & Bill Whittington                          Jake & Tom Bussey    
  50 white bass                                  50 white bass     


alt            alt

Trey Cornelius, Chris & Tony Frels              Hal & Eddie Twoitty        
75 white bass                           50 white bass


alt            alt

     Doug & Darlene Twitty                  John Semmler & Brian Switalsk
50 white bass, crappie, yellow bass           50 white bass, crappie      


alt                    alt

Carl Haddad, Ron Marshall, Kenny Evans                      Ron Pollock                    
75 white bass                                          25 white bass

alt                alt

Daryl Wigington, Jill & Travis Carney         Rick Shoupe, Ken Burch, & David Stuyck
75 white bass                                  75 white bass


alt                alt

Jacob, Nate & Zack Lipp                        Doug & Sherri Dietrich  
75 white bass                               50 white bass


alt               alt

Colton, Tammy, & Garrett Drake           Travis Drake & Richard Black
         75 white bass                         50 white bass 2 yellow bass


alt                 alt

Ray Fitzpatrick, Ronnie Bernard, &  Tom Hottman        Richard engelhart & Keith Folse             
75 white bass 2 crappie                             50 white bass   


alt                 alt

Paul &  George Michie & Paul McKelvey                 Pat Mcentee & Bruce Kelley          
75 white bass , crappie, catfish                      50 white bass , crappie      


alt                alt

          Amanda & Kevin Schulze                    Garrett Harden & Jason Tuberville      
 50 white  bass                                   50 white bass            


alt         alt

Liz Sonnier, Mary Grace & Tony Levacy    David Whitman & Chris Byers        
75 white bass                     50 white bass 


alt              alt

Phil White, Kent Burdine, Ron Garner     Denise Wernimont & Birl Jarosh
       75 white bass                            50 white bass             


alt                                alt

Doug & Darlene Twitty                      Edwin, Eddie, & Kai Twitty
50 white bass                                 75 white bass


alt                                       alt

  Mary & Terry Britt                                     Carol & Ed Nash 
             50 white bass                                          50 white bass               


                            alt                               alt                             

 Ronnie, Zachrey, & Stephen Bernard                           Joe & Jake Newnham               
75 catch & release  Kept 2 crappie                            50 white bass                   


alt                                 alt

Ralph Wissel, Ray Bavarschi, & Keith Hoffman      Mark Armstrong, Jorge Delarosa, Arch Stout
75 white bass                                                  75 white bass


alt                            alt

Mike Treat, Debbie Leal, & Chuck Miller
75 white bass both days


alt                        alt

Rick, Chase, & Justin Bourgeois, Darren Larkin           Bill King & Zack Telford              
100 white bass                                   50 white bass


alt                                      alt

           Vic Vera  grandson                                    Ray Cross, Steve Knippel, Bruce Monn
   25 white bass                                                 75 white bass              


alt                                     alt
Lindsay, Steve, Stephanie Knippel                       Kelly Carlson, Logan Strom, & Larry Dunaway
75 white bass, 1 crappie                                                   75 white bass               


alt                        alt

Richard McQueen, Mike Adams, Pat Wadlington           Dan Windham                       
                     75 white bass                                  25 white bass                    


alt                       alt

Robert Arnold, James McDonald, Robert         Randy Hutchins, Alan Jacobson, Jim
Blankenship, David Youngblood, Bill Haskett                          Adams                         
125 white bass                                       75 white bass

alt                       alt
Paul Chi, Mayli, Jake, Jonathan Heistein            Kimberly, Justin, John Penick           
100 white bass                                  75 white bass


alt                  alt   
Austin & Scott Newhouse                  Richard & Randall Lepard  
75 white bass  1 crappie                       50 white bass            


alt                   alt

     Jeff & Bobbi Olchesky                      Derrick Cooper & Raphael Lott
50 white bass, 3 crappie, 3 catifsh               50 white bass                    


alt                    alt

    Allan & Margaret Pettigrew              Robert Mancuso & Owen Wardlaw
50 white bass, catfish, crappie              50 white bass and 3 crappie 


alt                          alt

Earl Hines, Gerald Flatten, & Leon Hicks                Jim & Kim McCormick   
             75 white bass , 5 crappie                        caught limits and released all but 17


alt      alt

Phil (father) and Phil (son) Robicheux
50 nice whites both days

alt             alt

Jackie Rittman & Greg Harrington         John, JT, Justin Penick
50 white bass                    75 white bass


alt     alt

50 white bass, drum & crappie      50 white bass, crappie
Gavin and Doug Pence             Bryand and Darrin 


alt     alt

            Scott & Craig Lewis                           Eugene & Kayden Scott , Ricky Taylor 
50 white bass                                      75 white bass both days



alt       alt

                      Shelia & Chuck Collins                Randy & Mason Jones (Mary Beth) not pic    

50 white bass 1 blue cat                     50 white bass              

alt     alt

Sherry Johnson & Randy Moore           Alex, Neil, and Scott Brighton
50 white bass, 4 drum, 2 crappie      75 white bass, 4 drum 2 crappie

alt      alt
Donny and Travis Williams                        Lynda and Carl Coleman
          45 white bass                                  40 white bass and 2 crappie

alt     alt

Family fun with two days fishing        Coach Northern, Adam, Mike Green
                                       75 nice whites and six crappie

alt     alt

Tucker, Tanner and Kelsey having fun

 alt        alt

Dennis and Randy from Kansas   Steve McKellar, Becky Eccles, Terry Ray
50 white bass  2 days      42 white bass  biggest 2lbs 14 oz


Aidan, Scottie, Peyton, Eric McMahan
7 squirrels in the morning and 5 in the evening
Great Hunt with Tom and Sally 

White Bass Season 2015


alt      alt

Tony & Mary Grace Levacy, Liz & Mike Sonier                Garrett & Bill Whittington
           100 white bass                                  25 white bass


alt     alt
                      Travis, Jill, & Daryl Wigington                      Tom Hottman, Bruce Kelley, Pat McEntee, Richard Engelhart
                                                                    Keith Folse, Ronnie Bernard 
40 white bass                                                   53 white bass  


alt           alt
John Semmler & Ton Frels        Brian Switalski & Cory Lehnert
50 white bass                         50 white bass  
Biggest 2lbs 12 oz   


alt             alt

Will Guiorengo & Mark Houghtlin    Bill King, Don Earness, Bob McClellad
                                           Mike Landis, Gene Hastings
17 white bass                       80 white bass


alt                       alt

Ken Burch, Rick Schupp, & David Stuyck      Ken Evans, Carl Haddad, & Ron Marsuau
75 white bass                              75 white bass


alt           alt

           James & Frrol Miller               Doug Ditrich & Steve Deardorff
50  white bass                           50 white bass


 alt           alt

      Tom Bussey & Danny Webb            Joe Mack Newnham & Kevin Dailey
          50 white bass                    50 white bass  another 3lber


alt            alt

Donald Norris & Glen Berryhill       Tanyn  & Andy Allen
38 white bass                       50 white bass


alt        alt
Zane Chandler, Eddie Twitty             Steve Knipple, Bruce T Monn  
Bobby and Seth Chandler                   Ray Cross  
31 white bass                              41 white bass       


alt           alt
Ron Pollock
25 white bass each day


 alt                      alt

Ricky Taylor,                Eugene Scott             Skipper Dickson and Craig Lewis
75 white bass                     50 white bass


alt          alt

Randy Moore & Sherry Johnson     Ricky and Peggy Taylor
Nice buckets of white bass  Really big females

alt               alt

Stephen, Zachary, Ronnie Bernard                 Larry Dunaway              
Catch and Release  50 white bass               25 white bass            


alt                                             alt
                       Sean and Jackson Wheat                                  Jonathan Phillips, Brian Eckerle, Donovan Phillips
50 white bass                                                                75 white bass


alt        alt

Randall Lepard, Scott Newhouse, & Richard Lepard       Jake, Jonathan, & Mayli Heistein
75 white bass                            38 white bass


    alt                        alt

Scott Shipp, Bill& Ryan Blair, Scout Shipp, &        Toby & Drake Toler  
Ryan Blair       87 white bass                                       50 white bass  
                                                                                biggest 3 lbs 2 oz               


alt                          alt

Scott McGarrey & Jason Pardue                     Jack Bowers & Jim Tinsley
50 white bass                                      43 white bass


alt                               alt

Dan Windham & Eddie Beard              Doug, Kai, Eddie, & Kade Twitty
50 white bass                                      100 white bass


alt                   alt

                            Noah Pittman & Greg Harrington      Ramona Reddell, Joyce Cordingly, & Heather Westerman
35 white bass                                   50 white bass


alt                             alt
Mike Adams, Jerry Mack and Pat Wadlington                       Skipper Dickson & Jeff Mitchell                     
 45 whites  bigges 2lbs 13 oz                                      29 whites  Another 3 pounder



alt    alt

Blake Reed, Steve Ediger, Bob Reed, and Curtis Householder, Rod Zohn (not in pic) caught 118
2nd day 66 but first 3 lb for season with several others almost 3 lbs.


David Youngblood, Robert Arnold, Bubba Fife, James McDonald
Kept 53 whites caught over 175.  Most small.  4 crappie, 4 catfish



Dennis Hammersmith and Randy Fassnacht
32 white bass Biggest 2lbs. 9 oz and 1 crappie 1/29/2015

Out scouting with my son caught 20.  Nicer size. Bigger ones moving in.





alt      alt

1ST PLACE:  111.44lbs  and Big Fish 51.38 lb blue cat
Brandon Hudman, John & Trenton Allison, Aaron Weaver


alt     alt  

2nd Place:  103.89 lbs

Cameron, Ethan, Jonathan, & Henry Twomey
also pictured Crissy & Bookie



Big Op (Flathead) 27.63 lbs


alt  alt

Daniel Ayala, Antonio Guerra, Iseral Gibbs                    Clint Reeves    24.37 blue cat

 74.39 lbs total                                                         

alt  alt

Squeaky Works, Waylon Yount, Mark Atkerson,          Cain Swan & Jay Inerarity               
92.39 lbs total                                      96.63 lbs total



2014 was a great white bass season.  We finished our guide trips for 2015 white bass

but left the fish biting.  If you did not get your trip in this year, we are booking for 2016.  We had

a crazy cold winter, fished hard, but all in all a great season.  Fish ran a little larger than last year.

Thanks for being our clients and look forward to fishing with you in 2016!


gar hog
Trevor, Ashley, Steven Sallee
162 lb. gar
Nick Winter & Doug Gorter
Pipestone, MN
200 lb. hog

  alt    alt
Gary Detweiler from Lincoln, Nebraska 280 lb hog
alt Book your hunt today
Good eating hog  80 lbs





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