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White Bass Season 2014





It is time to plan your white bass trip
Jane Gallenbach

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Prices for 2015:  2 people fishing  $325.00   3rd person  $75.00Package:  2 people  $375.00    3rd person $100.00

--includes lodging, breakfast, sack lunch, cleaning fish, guided trip




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Winning stringer:  158.69 lbs.                    2nd placd:    140.03 lbs   and biggest blue cat 35.76 lbs

Bobby Sallee, Kent Little, Travis Jenkin                                                   Jimmy, Jesse, & Colton Reeves    


alt       alt alt

Biggest Op:  39.28 lbs  Team Larry Hurst,            Ashley Little, ?, Jay Inerarity                     Randy Higginbotham         

Randy Higginbotham, & Joe Hurst                send name                                                                                





alt      alt

1ST PLACE:  111.44lbs  and Big Fish 51.38 lb blue cat
Brandon Hudman, John & Trenton Allison, Aaron Weaver


alt     alt  

2nd Place:  103.89 lbs

Cameron, Ethan, Jonathan, & Henry Twomey
also pictured Crissy & Bookie



Big Op (Flathead) 27.63 lbs


alt  alt


Daniel Ayala, Antonio Guerra, Iseral Gibbs                    Clint Reeves    24.37 blue cat

 74.39 lbs total                                                         

alt  alt

Squeaky Works, Waylon Yount, Mark Atkerson,          Cain Swan & Jay Inerarity               
92.39 lbs total                                      96.63 lbs total




It has been a great white bass season this year.  We finished our guide trips for 2014 white bass

but left the fish biting.  If you did not get your trip in this year, we are booking for 2015.  We had

a crazy cold winter, fished hard, but all in all a great season.  Fish ran a little larger than last year.

Thanks for being our clients and look forward to fishing with you in 2015!!!!


alt      alt

Trey & Hudson Quinn                               Joe Strecker, Steve Ediger, Jason Martin
                         Cass Reynolds

50 white bass & few yellows and drum           58 whites first day  66 second day plus yellows


alt     alt

Jessica & Jarrod Sinn                           John & Andy Tenery

50 white bass                                50 white bass  4 yellow


 alt      alt 

Jeff Mitchell, Craig Lewis, Skipper Dixon                Sammy Soffar & Ryan Garza

75 white bass                                     38 white bass


alt       alt

Shea, Robin, Robert and Rob Townley                   Ron Pollock & Dub Hamilton               

76 white bass                                                      50 white bass




alt     alt

Corey, Sarah, Jack Lehnert, John Semmler                   Adam & Heish Norther        

66 white bass 4 yellow bass                 49 white bass & 4 yellow bass


 alt      alt

Wayne Klemcke, James Pekema, El Waltman            Ed, Wayne, & James                      

75 white bass two days



alt     alt

Eddie & Hal Twitty                               Kyle, Kelsey, Randy Nash
     50 white bass    10 yellow                           75 white bass 


alt       alt

Tommy Porter & McArthur Bonner                 Ethan & Ryan Sewell           

50 white bass                                   50 white bass    


alt       alt

Scott & Craig Lewis                                       Scott & Alex Brighton

50 white bass                                               50 white bass        


alt     alt

Richard Black, Raymond & Travis Drake      Colton & Garrett Drake, Drake Gilbert

75 white bass                                            75 white bass, 1 crappie, yellow bass



alt        alt

Cate & Randy Pressgrove              Dave Etgen & Dennis Neil

50 white bass                                              50 white bass, catfish, and yellow bass

                                                                  all on flyrod


alt      alt

Doug Spencer, Mike Gaulitz, & Joe Craig             Doug Spencer                          

75 white bass                          yellow/white hybrid  3lbs2oz



alt     alt

Eddie Twitty, Cliff, Millie, & Steve Macon                  Pat Branel & Jody Tietjen          

100 white bass                                          50 white bass, one crappie, 4 yellow bass


alt      alt

Ian & Greg Sechrist                                      Jason Simon, Steve McMahon, & John Leon

50 white bass                                                           58 white bass



alt       alt

Jesse anderson, Sara & Andrea Plowman              Kelly & Cab Craig                         

Luke, Alex, & Amy Anderson                                                                

40 white bass                           50 white bass      


alt      alt

Frederick, Megan, Kay & Mark Schmidt                  Daryl, Sam & Ashley Wigington

48 white bass , 6 yellow bass                              51 white bass                  


alt      alt

18 white bass 4 yellow bass and 1 crappie               14 white bass                        

Brennan & John Mego, Wyatt & Aiden Bilby                  Tony Bartolowits                        


alt     alt

Carl Haddad, Maria Luce, John Haddad     John Mego, Tommy Hayden, David McMinn

              44 white bass                         75 white bass, 14 yellow bass, 3 crappie



alt        alt

Rick Shoupe, David Stuyck, Ken Burch                    Clifton & Edward Eaves                 
       16 white bass                                               15 white bass               




   alt        alt

Billy Kidd, Mark Romine, & Beau Winn                Joe Mack & Jake Newnham

75 white bass                             50 white bass




alt          alt

Henry & John Childers                           Kirby Ansel & David Dillingham
50 white bass                                             50 white bass


alt       alt

Richard Engelhart  and Chris Skopik             Keith Folse, Ronnie Bernard, & Tom Hottman

50 white bass                                          75 white bass



alt      alt

Tripper and Skipper Dickson                                    Bruce Kelley and Pat McEntee

     50 white bass                                                     50 white bass


alt      alt

Bobby, Zane, Seth Chandler & Eddy Twitty     Doug Pence, Bran Eckerey, Darren Williams
                                                    100 white bass                 75 white bass                                                                  



alt    alt

Ray Cross, Bruce Monn, Steve Knippel         David Brighton, Sherry Lemmon, Neil Brighton
                                                                Kent Brighton, Allen Brighton, Kim Gannon
75 white bass                                            138 white bass



  alt       alt 
Steve and Stephanie Knippel                       Don Burt, Paul McKelvey, George Michie
        50 white bass                                               75 white bass



alt       alt

Eddie Beard, Scott Cole, Dan Windham    George Chapa, Jay LesUeur, Doug Chapa
75 white bass                          75 white bass                          



alt       alt

Suzane & Wayne Lang  and Jessica Davis      Adrian Farray & Shelia Fitzgerald             
75 white bass                                  50 white bass                             



alt       alt

James Isensee & Robert Mancuso            Drew & Bennie Davis                         
50 white bass                            41 white bass                   



alt                      alt

Evan Ayers, Bill Adams, Jake Bell              Dave, Keith, Blake Robertson & Betty Hignite
49 white bass 2 yellow                                        53 white bass 1 yellow


alt       alt

Jake, Jonathan, and Mayli Heistein                      Glen & Bradley Berryhill                 
   27 white bass                                    50 white bass         


alt    alt

Kade, Edwin, Eddie, and Kai Twitty              Chuck and Rene Davis                         
                    100 white bass   biggest 2lbs 14 oz           50 white bass 4 yellow and 2 crappie  biggest 2lbs 12 oz


alt      alt

Arris Slaughter & Skipper Dickson            John  Ames  & Justin Bourgeois
50 white bass                                          50 white bass

alt         alt

Greg, Ed, & Bruce Hutchins                       Scott Snow & Will Giovengo     
75 white bass  biggest 2lbs 10 oz           46 white bass                                 


alt                           alt

Larry Dunaway, Randy Moore, Sherry Johnson         Kevin Johnson, Ruby & Charles Anderson
Keith Dunaway, Peggy and Ricky Taylor                                                                          
120 white bass   biggest 2lbs 8 oz                                   46 white bass 2 crappie 4 yellow



alt      alt
Noah Pittman and Greg Harrington            Shawn Brannan & R J Heartsill
27 white bass 2 crappie 4 yellows       19 white bass 10 yellows  


Carl, Shane, & Scott Giese, Stepehen & Martin Herzog, Michael Ryan
18 white bass 3 crappie    


alt  alt 
 Rod and Daylan Elsey, John Fleming
44 white bass 4 crappie
Boyd Hamilton & Michael Andres
5 white bass, 15 crappie, 4 yellow bass
Hard fishing Water temp 40 River rose 3 ft this week Had sleet two days ago.  Go away winter. 


alt  alt 
 Michael and Jeff Newman Andy Brockett and Michael Newman First Limits of 2014 

  alt    alt
Gary Detweiler from Lincoln, Nebraska 280 lb hog
alt Book your hunt today
Good eating hog  80 lbs




White Bass Season-2013




Dick Smith and Joyce Day
26 white bass
Andrew Green & Winston
Jones 50 white bass


alt alt
Kiara James
25 white bass
Corey and Leon Campbell
50 white bass


alt alt
Katherine and Bill Chapman
50 white bass
Jonathan Roshan, Fred Cunningham,
Charles Chappell, Ralph Cunningham,
Tim Williams      125 white bass



Jake and Audra Livingston  50 white bass


Jane Gallenbach
903 693-4441
903 407-0130

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